Get Cycling in Greater Manchester

Use this map to explore traffic free routes, on-carriageway cycle facilities, cycle shops and crossings. Click on an area where you want to cycle to get you started.

The Greater Manchester online cycle map is produced in partnership with the Greater Manchester local authorities and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

Please note that this mapping shows location and type of infrastructure. It is not an indication of any particular standard of infrastructure, or for whom the infrastructure may be suitable (beginner cyclist, experienced cyclist etc). In Greater Manchester we have now adopted a clear standard of route provision for which all new active travel infrastructure in GM must comply, as articulated through our Design Guide. This standard is intended that it is suitable for an unaccompanied 12 year old, following completion of level 2 Bikeability, which is offered in most Greater Manchester schools during Year 6. Future versions of this mapping, to be published during 2023, will include an indication of where infrastructure comes up to this adopted standard.

Please address any enquiries about this map to For further information about the Bee Network and cycling & walking in Greater Manchester please visit